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Drawing Inspiration From The Beautiful Landscape

Tired of the complex and busy urban life, your heart longs to be near the carefree rural and countryside life where life has its own pace. With a number of parks and wildlife refuges nestled here and there, feeling close with nature and native fauna in the McLean County is quite simple.

Visiting these places inspires you to keep the virginity of these places intact while enjoying sustainable natural activities that do not harm the nature.

Take for example, the John E. Williams Preserve which lies in the eastern region of the county. It has 2103 acres of conservancy area, which is the largest in North Dakota. You can visit the water body, wetland and the public-accessible land to be up close with the abundant wildlife especially the Sandhill Crane and Piping Plover thriving among the favorable vegetation. A number of alkali lakes are home to waterfowls, shorebirds such as cranes, cormorants, plovers, terns, gulls, willets, pelicans, geese and ducks. While walking leisurely along the nature trail, you will find a blind set up for watching the birds without disturbing them.

Washburn Discovery Trail, Washburn, North Dakota

If you want to enjoy the sweeping landscape of Missouri River Valley, take a bike and ride along the Sakakawea Scenic Byway which passes along some significant Lewis & Clark sites. The aesthetic inspiration lies in its panoramic views, neon landscapes and the blue ever-flowing water in perfect harmony which will urge you to delve into the modern as well as ancient history of the area. You will learn about the native people and their rich culture developed within the wooded valleys and rolling hills flanking the Knife and Missouri Rivers. Learn more about history of McLean County at the Historical Museum.

To be acquainted with the diverse landscape of McLean County, nothing can be better than the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge which is characterized by numerous potholes, wetlands, planted grasslands and native prairie lands. Be inspired to see how the native fauna flourishes here, without the interference of any human or urban touch.

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