Welcome to the enchanting McLean County in the state of North Dakota

A perfect place for casual tourist to photographers and video bloggers, from vacationers to business travelers, our team is always there to cater each and everyone.

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Ten Fun Activities You Can Do In This Area

Ten Fun Activities You Can Do In This Area

With so many wildlife refuges around the thriving wetlands and grasslands, McLean County is definitely a hotspot for travelers. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the top ten activities that you should explore in McLean County – Auto Tour, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing And Photography At Audubon Nwr Take the auto tour along […]
The Most Interesting Places You Can Visit

The Most Interesting Places You Can Visit

Sprawling over 2257 sq miles within the central region of North Dakota, the McLean County has 28 townships and 17 towns. Apparently, there are a number of interesting places especially in the cities of Garrison and Washburn, which also happens to be the county seat. Here are the places you should visit on your trip […]

The sheriff’s office

Has a few particular aspects which are reflected in their services –
values, purpose, leadership, sense of unity in community and personal loyalty

Recorder of the McLean County

The reputation of the recorder’s office has long been positive and thanks to winning the National Award in Land Records Best Practices division on 1st September in 2010