The enchanting McLean County, having a significant land mass within the state of North Dakota has significant population within the U.S. with population, comes the responsibility of maintaining lawfulness and justice to those who deserve it. This metropolitan statistical area is a flourishing township and McLean County thereby, enjoys industrial, natural and statistical development.

With a proud and rich past comes the promise of a better future and the county Sheriff along with other appointed officials from the county is always on the go to make this county a better place to live in.

The elected Sheriff of McLean County, right from his appointment, has strived to serve the county with compassion and cooperation while being earnestly committed to every individual whom he pledged to serve in the county. The sheriff’s office is on the West Front Street in the commercial area of Washburn, which is also the county seat of the administration. From 8.30 AM till 4.30 PM during Monday to Friday, the sheriff’s office is accessible to one and all. Besides, anyone with an emergency can reach out to the office, the sheriff or the officers by dialing 911 on their cell phone.


The Commitment Of The Sheriff

Not only the sheriff but also the office of the sheriff, since its foundation, has been dedicated to follow the paramount traditions and excellence while practicing, enforcing and delivering their law correction and enforcement services. The sheriff’s office has a few particular aspects which are reflected in their services –values, purpose, leadership, sense of unity in community and personal loyalty.

Following are the few commitments to the residents as well as visitors to the McLean County –

  • Showing commitment, compassion and cooperation to everyone of the community
  • Spreading the spirit of unity among the residents
  • Fulfillment of the assigned duties, obligations and responsibilities towards the county
  • Achieving plans, goals and mission as assured by the office to the citizens.

Responsibilities Of The Sheriff

With the appointment as a member of the Sheriff’s office, especially as the county Sheriff, there are a few responsibilities put on the shoulders. The benefit of the county and its residents are the prime concerns. The responsibilities are –

  • Keeping law and maintaining order within the county
  • Serving any criminal or civil papers at the McLean County Courthouse
  • Attending the district court for carrying out any order of honorable judge
  • Housing the prisoners while ensuring their correctional purpose and operating the McLean County jail.
  • Serving as a member at the county emergency service or E-911 Advisory Board
  • Supervising, overseeing and maintaining smooth operation of the police contacts with all the cities of McLean County.

Throughout the McLean County, there are 22 part-time and full-time deputies as well as thirteen full-time dispatchers employed by the Sheriff’s Department. It is hoped that the citizens of the county will also be responsible for keeping the law and order, just as the sheriff’s office does.