Welcome to the enchanting McLean County in the state of North Dakota

We are a group of individuals who have born and brought up in this small county. Every nook and corner of the county is familiar to us and we take pride in knowing it better than anyone. Unlike some of the conventional places around this country, our McLean County has its own countryside charm complimented by diverse natural beauty and elusive wild animals. From casual tourist to photographers and video bloggers, from vacationers to business travelers, our team is always there to cater each and everyone.

What We Do?

Our team consists of people from all ages and backgrounds. Some of us are still studying while some are full-time employees. There are some who work for the website as part-timer apart from working on other sectors. Throughout the years, we have also made our mark in the mindset of the common people and many environmentalists, professional photographers, nature-based workers, professors and educators have joined us. Together, we try to keep our natural resources and the environment clean.

In this job, the various departments of the county such as the department of sheriff, the cleaning and sewage department, tourism and travel department etc have agreed to lend their helping hands. We organize many cleanliness drives by engaging local kids and students so that they can understand the importance of ecosystem. We also organize many local tours for those who wish to explore the rawest charm of the cities and countryside within the county.

In order to bring awareness among the residents of the McLean County, there are regular seminars and programs organized by our team where we interact with people, learn about their thoughts and grievances, create awareness and plan for future objectives. On our website, you will find all the information regarding the above-mentioned programs, details about the famous eateries, the role of the various departments, the famous tourist sites, the activities you can enjoy here, special events to attend and many more.

What We Believe?

We believe that each place bears a magic which can make the visitors enthralled, if infused correctly. The magic lies in the pristine charm of each place as well as with the culture of the local people. With some of the most amazing natural beauties and thriving flora and fauna in the lap of nature, we believe that McLean County deserves to be named among the famous places in North Dakota. It has potential to make any visitor welcomed at present and its glory lies in its rich past. By operating our website, we believe that more and more people will be acquainted with the magic that lies within the county.

Our Mission
Our mission is to reach out to more audience in not only North Dakota but also throughout the whole U.S. To fulfill our mission, we are always trying to engage more like-minded people in our team –the people who care about the natural diversities of McLean County. The mission if our team is to support tourism in the county. While creating a sustainable ecosystem and social background for the residents and the visitors, we serve a noble mission and for which we seek your support.
Our Vision
Our vision in introducing McLean County to the world started with the formation of our team where age and background did not matter, but the sense of unity did. Our vision started to get a proper shape with the starting of the website where all the useful information regarding the county is posted. Our vision will be fulfilled when each resident of the county will be responsible enough to keep the nature and society clean.
Our Future Objectives
In future, our goal is to support sustainable tourism around McLean County so that people from around the world recognize it as a popular tourist spot. Besides, we plan on expanding the network and make the website more enriched with information about the place we live in. We plan on updating the information and the website design time and again so that you find new information waiting for you at regular interval. With help from the local people and tourists from the outside world, this goal will reach its destination.