The Recorder of the McLean County is responsible for doing a number of vital jobs ranging from issuing passport to offering marriage license and so on. The reputation of the recorder’s office has long been positive and thanks to winning the National Award in Land Records Best Practices division on 1st September in 2010, the county recorders of North Dakota has been earning numerous accolades for the website of NDRIN, an abbreviation for North Dakota Recorders Information Network. This was a much-awaited feather on the cap and the recorder’s office still takes pride in that. This award denoted that the Recorder Department had implemented the strategic programs efficiently and processed them so that the County government and the local constituents are benefited.

In the Recorder’s Office, there is one recorder with one or two deputies and one clerk for data entry operation. Each has their own mail IDs with office numbers, through which they can be reached. However, the common phone line connects to the main office and you can connect by dialing (701) 462-8541.

As mentioned above, the NDRIN contains the details of all the land records of the McLean County Recorder and you can gain online access by paying the subscription fee of USD 25 per month. With this subscription service, you can check out the records dating back to 1st January in 1997 till date. Among the forty two out of fifty three counties in North Dakota, McLean County has been a regular publisher of data on the site. The NDRIN website contains all the information with varied years. As a matter of fact, the list of subscribers for the website has increased more than 600 in the year 2008.

The Role Of Recorder

Issuing of passport was started at the Recorder’s office during early 2015 while issuing marriage licenses as well as solemnizing marriages with authority was started on 1st August in that very year. As the custodian of various land records of McLean County, the Recorder has to process all types of instruments. The documents thus processed and recorded are –

  • Any contract regarding deeds
  • Mortgage release or satisfactions
  • Lien type instruments like mechanics and mortgage
  • Affidavits and different deeds
  • Conveyance instruments
  • Any easement regarding coal, oil, gas, farm release, gravel, highway rights-of-way and utility companies
  • Probate instruments etc

Just as the responsibilities of Sheriff of the county, the Recorder too holds the authority of different instruments, releases and deeds. Learn more about the responsibilities of McLean County Sheriff. Known as Register of Deeds up until 2001’s August, the Recorder can be appointed on remainder-term basis and full term basis, just as the Recorder Beth Knutson was appointed.

To know more, you can visit the website: You can also dial 701-364-1280 to know more information. The recorder’s office in Washburn is open throughout the year except on weekends and holidays. Anyone having any need of recording or issuing of passport or marriage licenses can visit at any time between 8 AM till noon and 12.30 PM till 4.30 PM.