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Fort Mandan

Fort MandanDuring the winter of 1804-05, the Lewis and Clark Expedition made camp on a section of the Missouri River about 12 miles west of present day Washburn, ND. The group constructed a log fort a short distance from five Indian villages occupied by Mandan and Hidatsa Indians. The structure was named Fort Mandan in honor of one of the local Indian tribes. The fort served as home for the Expedition during the cold, long winter. The actual site of the fort is disputed and since it was burned the site was likely lost forever when it was eroded by the meandering Missouri River.

In the early 1970's, a local historical group constructed a replica of the original fort on the shores of the Missouri River two miles west of Washburn, ND. The site is currently managed by the Lewis and Clark Foundation and work is underway to restore it to the period which the old fort was occupied. A visitor's center was recently constructed on the site with design details inspired by a Mandan earth lodge. The center is home to  modern restroom facilities, a gift shop, an orientation area and a classroom.

While in the area, remember to stop by the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center located just a mile and a half south of the fort. The entire Lewis and Clark journey is overviewed at the site.

For more information on Fort Mandan including hours of operation and services provided, please click here: Fort Mandan Information.

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